Cocktail Glass

Greg Wilson

"Here's one more ITEM that is so Unique & Rare, I just had to include it."

When I first discovered a case of 12 of these Magic Castle Cocktail Glasses, I was really surprised. My parents, Mark & Nani, love to collect stuff!
As it turns out, the two founders of the Magic Castle, Milt & Bill Larsen, created these special glasses, in the early 1970's, as actual Magic Castle Collector's Items.  
They have a very unique "Crystal Ball" clear window in the front of the glass, that lets you see through the drink to an image of the Magic Castle printed on the inside of the glass. (A real conversation piece!)

And, as you can see in the other image below, the glass also features the names of the Founding Member Magicians of the Magic Castle, printed on the outside of the glass. 

IF YOU'VE BEEN a member of the Magic Castle or you've visited the Club, and you feel a special connection to the Magic Castle, I've included this Special Magic Castle Cocktail Glass for you.  
If you'd like to own one, please order it now.  There are only 10 of them left.