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Looking for something unique for your next event?

If you're looking to find a motivational keynote speaker who will inspire, energize, and educate your group with valuable results-smart information -- and also add interactive entertainment & laughter -- Bodine is the one.

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Named One of the Top 21 Speakers for the 21st Century by Successful Meetings Magazine

Bodine Balasco has established himself as one of the country’s most innovative and knowledgeable business speakers, known for his interactive style, uplifting energy, humorous storytelling, and valuable content. Many of his Fortune 500 clients have called him “the most effective and entertaining speaker we’ve ever hired for any of our meetings.”

No more Boring Meetings!

Productive information combined with energy, entertainment, and laughter.

  • Bodine has developed the capacity to seamlessly combine humorous, magical entertainment with the ability to communicate fresh "principles & methods" for creating desired business results.
  • This allows him to easily & quickly connect with your attendees -- even at the most serious and important meetings -- and generate energy & involvement.
  • This also allows him to get his information across in an uplifting and unforgettable way.
  • There's always a perfect spot on your meeting agenda for one of Bodine's presentations . . . as your opening speaker, your closing speaker, or your after-luncheon speaker.
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No more Boring Meetings!

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Here's What Bodine's Clients have to Say . . .

"If you want a top motivational business speaker who also provides first-class entertainment at your next convention or meeting, then you need to book Bodine Balasco."

Sheril Verara

- RHPower & Assoc. / Partner

Meeting & Convention Design Convention Manager


Whatever your venue, whatever your event, Bodine Balasco show is a custom fit for you!