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CREATING DESIRED RESULTS: Using the Structure of the Creative Process to Create Business Results

This is the most valuable and productive information Bodine has discovered in 17 years of research. This is a method for creating desired results that will increase your productive capacity even in the face of reduced resources. It will also…


CAPTURING THE HEART OF YOUR CUSTOMER: Creating Business Growth by Creating Customer Loyalty

This is about creating RETENTION and OBTAINING REFERRALS; and using technology to do both. In this presentation Bodine shares modern customer service principles and internet communication strategies for creating a level of service that will allow you to obtain a steady stream of referrals from your existing customers. He’ll also share strategies for…


MEETING THE LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE: Developing Employee Engagement

Is there anything more important than having truly engaged employees? Examining the most authentic “Top-10 List of What Employees Want from Work,” from a study by the Public Agenda Foundation, Bodine” will present strategies and insights that will help you create truly engaged work teams. This information…

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